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School Council

At Padnell Junior School we believe that every pupil in the school is able to voice their opinions and make a valuable contribution to improving the school for all stakeholders. Therefore the role of school councillor is an extremely important role in the school and one which is respected by our school community.


Each September elections are held to select the class representative for the school council. Children who are interested in the role make a short presentation to their class and then elections are held. 


The team then work alongside Miss Pearcey during regular meetings to collect and discuss the views of their class mates and work with SLT or Governors as required. 



"Last year, our School Council carried out various fundraisers, both for local charities and new school equipment. Notably, we raised funds to purchase two outside clocks for the playgrounds, so that the children can see how long left of break, lunch and outdoor lessons such as PE. The School Councillors also surveyed lunchtime food choices being made by the children in each class, as part of their work into improving health and wellbeing at Padnell. One of the most popular decisions by the School Council was to bring back 'Padnell's Got Talent' - the School Council judged auditions from each year group and hosted the final in the school hall in front of the rest of the school."