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Designated Committee: Curriculum & Standards Committee

Timing: Annually

Date of Publication: February 2024


Responsibilities of Padnell Junior School

Attendance and Punctuality

· Provide a safe, nurturing learning environment for your child to attend.

· Care for your child’s safety and happiness.

· Monitor your child’s punctuality and attendance in line with their achievement, behaviour and wellbeing.

· Inform you when there are concerns about your child’s attendance and/or punctuality.


· Offer a cost-effective, easily accessible school uniform which promotes a sense of pride community and belonging.

Home / School

· Work together in constructive partnership with parents and carers for the benefit of their child.

· Set your child regular Home Learning tasks, including reading, times tables, spellings, maths (Year 5) and English work (Year 6).

· Keep you informed of your child’s progress, learning and well-being, through meetings, parents’ evenings and an annual written report.

· Keep you informed about general school matters through regular communication.

· Contact you as soon as possible if we are concerned about your child’s progress, behaviour, attendance or well-being.

· Respond to you as soon as possible if you contact us.


· Plan a meaningful, enjoyable curriculum that engages children, meets their different needs and motivates them to learn.

· Encourage and motivate children to always do their best and enable them to achieve their best in all areas of learning.

· Provide a range of extra-curricular activities designed to enrich your child’s school experience.

· Enable your child to understand that success and achievement can come with effort.


· Have high expectations for work and behaviour, fostering respectful relationships and helping to develop a sense of rights and responsibilities.

· Implement positive behaviour management strategies and develop a policy that supports this.

· Develop children socially, morally, spiritually and culturally within the school STARS values and British Values.


Responsibilities of Parents and Carers

Attendance and Punctuality

· Make sure my child arrives at school on time ready for the day ahead.

· Fully support the school Attendance Policy. Avoid taking holidays or days out during the school term. Seek authority from the Headteacher for any absences.

· Contact the school each day of my child’s absence.

· Make arrangements for my child’s safe journey to and from school and ensure that they are collected on time at the end of the day.


· Ensure my child attends school in the correct school uniform and shoes.

· Ensure my child’s school uniform and PE kit is smart and clean.

· Ensure my child has the correct PE kit.

Home / School

· Support my child to complete their Home Learning tasks ensuring they are all completed on time.

· Ensure that my child at least 5 times a week and that their reading record is completed, signed and returned to school.

· Ensure that the school is informed immediately of any change to contact details.

· Attend parents’ evenings and discussions about my child’s progress, achievement and social development.

· Reply to any school correspondence.

· Ensure that no negative, personal or adverse comments about children, staff or the school are posted on any social networks or websites, including Facebook.

· Be respectful and considerate towards all members of the school and the local community.


· Speak to school staff about any concerns or circumstances that might affect my child’s work, attitude or behaviour.

· Help my child to be healthy in mind and body.

· Help my child to understand that success and achievement can come with effort.


· Support my child’s education at Padnell Junior School under its values and policies by encouraging high standards, a positive attitude and good behaviour.


Responsibilities of Children

Attendance and Punctuality

· Come to school every day on time.


· Wear my school uniform and school shoes.

· Wear the correct school PE kit.

Home / School

· Bring everything I need to school on the day it is required.

· Look after any books or other school property that I borrow.

· Complete my home learning on time and return it completed to school.

· Read at least 5 times a week at home and record what I have done in my reading record.

· Tell a trusted adult if something is making me sad or angry.

· Tell a teacher or someone at home if I find my work difficult.


· Always try my best and work to my full potential in all aspects of my learning.


· Be a good ambassador for the school by obeying the school rules both in school, during extra-curricular activities and while on off-site activities:

o Be Responsible

o Be Safe

o Be Respectful


Governor Approval and Review Dates:

This policy was approved by the Curriculum & Standards Committee in February 2024. It is due for renewal in February 2025.