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Becoming a Governor

What do school governors do?

Our job is to help the school to be the best it can be. That means supporting the leadership team to give the very best education they can to the children who come to our school.


That’s great but what does it mean for me?

It means that you listen to what the teachers tell us, ask questions and learn new things about educating children.


So, what does that mean you have to do?

  • Attend meetings to discuss how the school is doing. Out of the 195 days a year that children are in school that means 12 evenings for a couple of hours a time. These meetings are currently held on a Thursday and are a mix of face to face and online meetings.

  • At these meetings ask questions. Every question that is asked adds to our combined knowledge and helps us to do our job better. The rest of us will help you to do that.

  • Do a bit of training in areas that you feel you need to develop. Hampshire runs loads of courses to help governors understand things better.

  • If you have some time during the day you can visit the school to look at a particular part of the children’s learning. Those of us who can visit, really enjoy seeing how proud the children are of the school and their work.


Will I enjoy it?

Almost certainly! I enjoy it because I’m:

  • Helping the adults and children who work in our school

  • Working with lovely people who want to make a difference

  • Understanding new things about children’s learning

  • Developing new skills


So, what do I do if I want to join?

Speak to Mrs Luker or Mrs Bloy. Once we have your details we can have a chat about what you feel you need to get off to a great start with being a governor.